Smart, Powerful Registration Software

Intuitive online registration solution that will increase the efficiency and client database management of your business.

Increased Business Efficiency

Powerful software that creates business automation.


Flexibility and power to customise, edit and self-manage your online content.

Client Database

Easy to use powerful client database that enables strong client relationship and operational management.

Custom Reporting

Easy and smart reporting, including attendance rolls (or registers) for operational use.

Text Message & EDM's

Utilise your client database and easily communicate with your customers through bulk text message services and easy to manage email EDM’s (electronic direct marketing).

Accounting Compatibility

Easily exports to accounting software; ability to create customised plug-ins.

Resource Efficiency

Online customer interface enables your customers to register, edit and make payments online, reducing business resources and increasing accuracy.

Attractive & Intuitive Customer Interface

Easy online registration software that will empower your customers.

Unique Parent-Child Structure

Enables customers to run a single “parent” billing account, with multiple child accounts.

Pozaas provides our customers with a smart and easy online registration experience, with over 95% of our customers now booking, editing and paying online. But possibly the best part of the software is the client database management tools; our afterschool cares, holiday programmes and camps use the custom reporting to produce daily attendance registers; we use the database to communicate efficiently and easily with our customers through smart EDM’s and text services; and get real-time sales and product information for all business units.

Ben Suit

Easy to Use, Easy to Customise, and Easy to Manage

Pozaas provides an intuitive and easy to navigate ‘back-end’, enabling you to load, edit, and customise your ‘stores’ and ‘products’.


Designed specifically with your business in mind

Before & After School Care

Enable your clients to book, edit, and pay for their before and after school care requirements online.

Include add-ons (e.g. afternoon tea / transport), multiple payment options including WINZ, and print daily attendance registers with ease.

Holiday Programmes

Pozaas enables self-management and loading of products, specifically to suite your businesses requirements.

Load holiday programme products to suite your business, and enable your clients to book, edit and pay for their bookings online, at their convenience.

Clubs and Lessons

Load your products with a certain number of spaces in each programme or time slot (which will show ‘sold out’ when full).

Enable your customers to register online, edit their bookings, and make payments.

Run ‘attendance register’ reports for each lesson or activity, giving you accurate and live information.

Game changing features

An intuitive online registration solution that will increase the efficiency of your business and empower your customers

Icons - Dashboard 1

Admin Dashboard
Control every facet of your web stores.  A smart intuitive admin user interface means you and your staff run your stores how you need.  Control orders, review income, edit setups – its all here.


Responsive App
Pozaas is a responsive web app that works in any modern browser, from smart phone to desktop.   Give your clients the ultimate in flexibility.


Self Managed
Load all of your products & addons directly into Pozaas. Manage your customer accounts, set custom profile fields and edit your customers orders.


Electronic Direct Marketing
Market to your clients directly, with a beautiful story based e-marketing system.  Pozaas manages EDM subscriptions ensuring compliance with NZ legislation.


Multi-store Support
Have multiple stores while allowing your customers just a single login.  When switching between stores your customers can bring across their account, easy!


Custom Accounting Integration
Pozaas promotes automation. Take this to the next level by using our accounting plugins or getting your accounting system integrated.  Instantly create your invoices in your accounting system.

All our features

Pozaas is a carefully worked and refined ecommerce system that has been created to work in your unique setting.

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